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If you're not sure a degree in finance is the right thing for you right now, you can always take a look at some other possibilities.

Here are a few guides that discuss college opportunities in each of their particular states:




South Carolina

And if you can't find a good college near where you live (and you don't want to pack up and move away to go to college), you can always turn your attention to online university classes. You can enroll in just a single course or you can take a substantial amount of coursework via online classes. In some cases, you can even earn your entire degree through online study. Find out more

And maybe you don't need a four-year degree anyway. What about attending a trade school or community college?

There are some pretty good jobs and career options available to graduates of one of these types of schools. You learn just what you need to learn to get into your first position. There are lots of articles written about these schools at

Program ideas and numerous other university suggestions combine good quality traditional college options.
Finance colleges start up your search for your new university or college.
Other educational sources to find enrollment info on training programs in career fields such as computer technology, mathematics, design, natural sciences and others.

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